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Smartphone is a pocket size all-in-one handheld device it help to you accomplish almost daily task, it allure you can receive or make phone calls, keep your calendar and address book, entertain you, play your music and games, give direction by maps, take pictures and shoot video with high quality, check your e-mails and communicate with your social network and do countless other things.

Smartphone is a one off device that can take care of all of your handheld computing and communication needs in a single, small package. Smartphone is not so much a distinct class of products as it is a different set of standards for cell phones to fulfill your daily requirements.

Unlike many traditional cell phones in market, Smartphones allow individual users to install application, configure its settings and run applications of their choosing. A Smartphone offers the ability to adjust the device to your particular way of doing things. Most standard mobile phone software offer only limited alternatives for re-configuration, forcing you to conform to the way its set up. On a standard mobile phone, whether or not you like the built-in calendar application, you are burdened with it except for a couple of minor tweaks. But a phone is Smartphone in this case it allows to could install any compatible calendar application you like.

Since PDA and cell phones are the most common handheld devices today, a Smartphone is commonly either a PDA with added phone capabilities or a phone with added PDA capabilities. Heres list of some special features you can do with Smartphone:
* Receive and make mobile phone calls some Smartphone are also WiFi capable
* Play audio and video files in some standard formats
* You can managed your Personal Information including notes, calendar and to-do list
* Communication with your personal computers.
* You can synchronize your data with applications like Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s iCal calendar programs
* Instant messaging
* E-mail and connect every time with your social network.
* You can install Applications such as word processing programs or video games.

Succeeding applications promise to be even much impressive. As an example, the Nokia 6131 is a phone utilizing near field communication (NFC) to permit the phone to act as a wireless credit card. The phone uses a two-way communication equipment to transfer payment information to pads at certain outlets. Now, its yet in the trial phase of development.
Role of Microsoft and Apple have been granted patents that will dramatically alter how we use Smartphone in software industry

Microsoft Turns Smartphone into PC:
Microsoft try accomplishing turns Smartphone into PC, it has the existing in possibility to forever change the way we view computing. Merely because Microsofts patent Smart Interface System for Mobile Communications Devices describes technology that could takeout the need for desktops and notebooks, Docking Station is a perfect example. The ultimate Docking Station ought to be small enough that you could stick it in a bag or briefcase to take on business trips, allowing you do tasks such as giving presentations without having to carry a laptop.
Apples turn up with innovative concepts:
Apples most recent patent Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Determining Commands by Applying Heuristics is a perfect example of this.
As the title forebodes, the patents content relates to the iPhones heuristic user interface, which instantly started all sorts of buzz. Industry analysts started contemplating how the patent will affect Palm and their most recent Smartphone entry Pre, because it also has a heuristic user interface.
Apple future Planning Video-Call conferencing in iPhone:
Which makes sense as it addresses a user ailment that the current iPhone doesnt have a video-record feature. No big deal, its plain that Apples engineers were just responding to user requirements.
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