Aston Martin Lagonda

Some car savvy people referred Aston Martin Lagonda as a revival of 1970s Aston Martin. It has been revealed that Mercedes Benz and Aston Martin are looking for some sort of partnership in order to reduce the cost and time on the upcoming models. The people can expect some famous gadgets in the car. There are different kinds of gadgets available in car which is completely new for the audience. There are very few details available on this model but definitely all the responsibility is on the Mercedes when it comes to engineering.

The design of Aston Martin is taken from two cars to introduce a power packed one car. The S-Class of 2009 has acquired good looks but it is to be believed that Aston will have better looks. Also, President of Lagonda clarifies that the design of this car is not at all like Aston. A spokesperson also lay out plan and as neglected to mention acronym of this SUV. There are two more Lagondas which are actually Sedans are also using Aston’s VH platform. The Lagonda cars are really creating a hype in the market especially its design is grabbing the attention of people.

It is true that Lagonda is one of the most awaited cars and it probably will be sedan. It is a compete sports vehicle but it has almost all the luxury gadgets and products to meet the demands of customers. This car has been for more than 13 years into existence and it has produced around 645 V8 units.

The fans of Aston Martin would be pleased to know that the car is well equipped with so many computer components along with several digital instruments for the complete pleasure of customers. People can hope to see Lagonda in the first months of year 2012. So, let’s hope to see a new version of Aston Martin to enjoy its brand new and refreshing look.

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