Android will eventually rule the cell phone industry

Motorola co-CEO Sanjay ? Jia (Sanjay Jha), said most of the next five years the cell phone industry of new products will carry Google Android operating system, and Android will eventually rule cell phone industry. Sanjay ? Jia in the “Fortune” Brainstorm Technology Conference (Fortune Brainstorm Tech), said the PC industry, the cell phone industry will take the old road, that is, by virtue of Apple’s iPhone to become the first big winner, but a standardized operating system will eventually become the rulers of the market. Sanjay ? Jia did not directly answer whether Motorola will launch Tablet PC, but he said the Tablet PC is truly a unique product(china phone pc suite). Sanjay ? Jia that although the operating system is not the only one consideration in the purchase of equipment, but it is a very important factor. In addition to other operating systems, design, appearance and application are also important considerations. For example, Sanjay ? Jia, for example, about 30% of people would not buy the phone without a full keyboard. At the meeting, Sanjay ? Jia spoke about the variety of Motorola Android phone, Motorola’s business outside of these products help. Sanjay ? Jia said that when he first took on the Motorola cell phone R & D departments in the past four to five years of any president has gone through seven. So, Sanjay ? Jia decided to instill a kind of R & D “sense of crisis” and decided to focus on the smart phone business and Android devices, rather than focus on overall market share. Sanjay ? Jia also noted the cooperation between Motorola played a key role in the fate of change. Verizon will need to operate a cell phone to hit the market, Google hopes to launch a blockbuster Android phones, Motorola will need to be successful. Later, Adobe has also added to the camp which, as the mobile platform is concerned, Adobe Flash is an important technology. Sanjay ? Jia said he also worked during high pass on the knowledge at that time working in the Danger Inc’s “Android” father Andy ? Rubin (Andy Rubin). After high-pass and the Android launch the first Android phone, and now Motorola and Google have a very close cooperation between the. Sanjay ? Jia said that although Motorola and Google has a core of ideas between the different, but this did not prevent co-operation. Google Android standardization required to support the wider environment, while Motorola will need their own equipment differences. When asked if Motorola will launch its own operating system, Sanjay ? Jia said that at present Android is very important to Motorola, the cell phone industry in the long run there are “three kinds of above 7 the following” operating system. He believes that unless the Motorola phone that I could around the operating system to create a good business system, they will not set foot in this area. Sanjay ? Jia also referred to the Motorola spin-off. He said the set-top boxes and handheld devices with connected parts, so plan to launch next fall, both the two functional products. Sanjay ? Jia that the function of cell phones integrating speed faster than people think, and to mobilize the Internet is more important than the Internet itself, because the mobile Internet will enable more people to connect to the network. He believes that cell phones will eventually penetrate all of human life. On the cell phone business, Sanjay ? Jia said that although mobile payments and mobile coupons and other mobile commerce market in Western countries have already been started, but there will be even greater potential in emerging markets.from: china cell phone

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